I got home this afternoon after a hard workout and decided to shower right away. Although it was just before lunch time, I was up very early and was tempted to take a nap. I took a long, hot shower and after I dried myself off, I slowly made my way to my inviting bed with lots of pillows. I plopped face down on the bed, still with a towel wrapped in my wet hair and one wrapped around my body.

After a few minutes with the eyes closed, I opened them and turned to see an envelope on my side of bed with a 'G' written on the front. I recognize his handwriting, it is unmistakably his - feminine and unique, but it is his. I open the envelope and see two golden retriever puppies kissing.

I smile with excitement as I open the card.

He wanted me to know how special I was to him and how proud he is of me. He couldn't wait to spend the rest of the day with me and was looking forward to our evening together.

I read it a few more times, turned the card over to make sure I didn't miss anything on the back. He is a great man - affectionate in his own way. And I love him for trying, and showing me how much he cares for me even though it doesn't come so naturally to him.

I texted him right away, knowing he wouldn't see the message for a few hours, "you make my heart melt, I love you".
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Awww haha

That is so beautiful Miss.. What every woman would give for that... :)

I'm a lucky gal -- relationships take work no matter how happy you are!