I swear I've been single for too long!
Everyone says a beautiful girl like me why am I single
I've been in many relationships were I've been lied to and cheated on and someone even got married while with me! It's not that I'm scared to meet/date anyone I'm scared I'm just gonna be heart over and over again....
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Life doesn't end anywer... Just move on. And all these Experiences will only make u wiser

People get stuck on this idea. You find love that suppose to be true love and last forever. It almost always doesn't. We will all love many times. It will bring pain and joy. You will get happiest times, then unbearable pain. That's love, don't be scared into loneliness. Just learn from mistakes. Don't ever let the pain change the person you are. They where not meant for you and you will find better

You have made some bad choices in men. Not all guys act like the ones you are dating.

Lol as that's why I don't date! Been single for 2 years just waiting for god to bring the right one to me instead of me putting my self out their I tell my self it's in gods hands now and hey if I'm single for the rest of my life I'm okay with that because I'm still sharing my life with my wonderful daughter


It's called dating not marriage!

Yeah but that doesn't mean she won't get hurt or involved with someone she's dating. I get your point and I think you're right, one should always keep trying, but I understand her. Being in love or in a relationship can be hurtful or exhausting, even though is not a marriage. And forgetting someone doesn't happen in a day :/

Or a millennia?..