I'm The Big Sister...

I posted this in another "older sister" group as well.

I have two younger sisters. It wasn't always easy being the oldest when I was growing up. I got in trouble the most, because I was supposed to "set a good example." Being the oldest...I think my dad didn't know how to "punish" me without spanking me. Not once did I see him spank my sisters. It used to upset me, but now...it's whatever. I love both of my sisters..but am closest to my middle one...the younger one got into drugs and was a pain in my *** for years. She has finally cleaned up her act (I think) after about 20 years. Still not really on speaking terms, but trying to an extent. I used to wish I had an older brother to "protect" me from all the bad in the world. By being the oldest..most of the responsibilites fell to me after my dad left...doing the housework, mowing the grass, taking care of my sisters since mom had to go to work (my grandma mostly had my youngest sister). I have resented that. I was expected to "grow up" when I was only 12. .but have pretty much come to terms with it now. There were good times as well as bad times...just like there is now and will always be.
RubyLane RubyLane
46-50, F
May 8, 2012