Sister Of A Wrestler

I am the eldest of three siblings. Both are boys. Most of the time I don't get along with my brother, Mitch, he's the second oldest.
Mitch loves sports and he's really into wrestling. He trains all the time, eats right, and is constantly at some sort of sporting event.
I am his polar opposite. I love acting and theater and am in Honor Choir and Drama and, even though I'm six one, I suck at sports. Sure, I exercise and eat fairly healthy. But at the magnitude he does.
Usually whenever we speak, we fight. He hates me. He's told me, my parents, his friends how much he hates me. I don't hate him though, but I'm not pretending to be perfect. Whenever he shoots out a nasty comment I'm quick to shoot one back. A never ending cannon fire.
Yesterday, I was forced to go and see Mitch wrestle in districts to go to State. As I was sitting there, watching him focus his mind and do what he loves best. I couldn't be prouder. My brother is going to State to wrestle. And he's only a Freshman!
Congrats Mitch! I hope you win, you and I both know how much you've worked for this. Love ya till the end.
tallcupcake tallcupcake
18-21, F
Feb 10, 2013