Nothing special ab out my game fever... I like sports and sportsman both.

one fine morning (2005) i came out from my room and i was so happy to see the clear sky ....morning shows the day....i was ready for the beautiful day... then i decided to propose my fairy lady (my first love)....i was so excited that i went out for the university  without doing my breakfast and waiting for her till evening... the good thing is the result.... and  the result is she accepted my proposal ......form that day till 2008 a game was continuing where i was  a game object and she was the player, the sportsman . after that she was tired and leave the game...Now i miss the game and the sportsman because i love them both.........It was all about a mind game.......
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Love game is always I love to watch.Always more exciting and entertaining than any other game.

all of u who dislike and like my story all r my friends. u have full freedom to share your views and i am more happy because u all r honest . i love all ur honest comments. actually i did not imagine that u react like this ... i did not write this story seriously....but i am passionate about all kind of sports... and i am telling u i will definitely write my experience next time and i know u evidently will enjoy it . and again i want to say i love u all friends ...<br />
<br />
a special comment to my friend who blocked me already ladyryan i am so sorry because i hurt u and u lost belief on me...and i am sorry because i have no other way to talk to u ...miss u dear ..take care..bye

what's this? who are you?

i edit my story for all of u....i hope u will enjoy it.

we luv u 2 xxx

And that wasn't your attitude when you first approached me. Oh my!

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Is this how football is explained?

look at the new football game....

If you have nothing to write worth reading, pls never bother to post an entry like this.

Oh sweety he has the freedom of expression + he looks cute in his picture :)

oww Sweety, I blocked him already. Sorry, I don't like how he chats. Do you think that's his real pic ? aww c'mon ? Yay!

thank u very much dear friend