How I Started On My Journey As An Ab

well it all started when i was about 12 i really did not have the urges to let go of toys or my child like things i really did not have the urge to grow up at all then when i turned 14 i started dating a boy named joey and he decided i needed rules and discipline oh how i craved the discipline i wanted it because i loved someone having complete control over me it made me feel like a young child so i acted up alot and broke his rules because it gave me this since of being a child well we were young and broke up so About 2 years later i met my daddy Solomon but he wasn't my daddy at first..........
when we first started i dident know i was looking for a daddy at first i just asked him to act like joey well he eventually got tired of me acting up and decided he dident want to do it so i told him that i thought i had multiubule personality disorder because i had not only a nominal teenager but another side of me was more child like and later that night idk y but i turned around and asked him can i call you daddy he said yes but i later came to find out he only said yes to make me happy well i got put into foster care and we separated until i turned 19 then we to get back together but i dident realize till i turned 20 and i went to the nut house for 2 months that i was a adult baby i thought i was all alone till Solomon stumbled across EP that's were he learned about adult baby's he called me and i was so happy to hear he finaly understood and he was so excited to do baby things with me i was so happy and now im a open AB i no im not alone and i except myself completely
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if u ever want to have control hit me up. I'd love for u to be my mama

We all have different sides to us. It doesn't make us crazy - just different. I am so glad you have someone who understands and lets you express that side of yourself.