Love It !

If your not a wrestling fan you might find this hard to understand.  If you are a wrestling fan i need say no more, you'll understand. 

I love the drama, it surpasses the soapies  (not that i watch them)

I love the moves, the clothsline, choke slam, sweet chin music, batista bomb, 619  (i practice some of these moves with the puppy, he loves to wrestle)

I love the personality of the wrestlers.  (they are all intimidating  until you see a smile or grin) have yet to see the Undertaker grin but i live in hope.

I love the muscles on the big guys,

I love the sculptured leanness of the not so big guys.   

I love the humour

I love the Hype and excitement 

I love their professional names,  ( Undertaker, Hardy Boyz, , Triple H, Heartbreak Kid,  Kane, the big red monster,  the list  goes on)

I love the story lines  (those in the story room are a devious bunch)

I even like watching the Divas 

3 cheers for WWE

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We don't get coverage for either of those 2, thanks for info, will check it out. : )

i know TNA but whats UFC? Heard a rumor that's where Jeff Hardy went, TNA ?

So, what can you tell me?

So, what can you tell me?

I've only been watching it for a couple of years so i guess i missed all that excitement.

Sorry for the mis spelling WWWF or Wuf-Wuf Wrestling Federation.<br />

Everyone has their preferences, I like the WWRF (Wuf-Wuf Wrestling Federation, they have the market on dog and puppy wrestling especially the event which appears on the Animal Planet's 'Puppy Bowl' once a year during the Super Bowl. <br />

ooohhh you animal you Like a bit of blood and guts i take it!!

what happened post 2007?

what happened post 2007?

Good thing i'm a little short arse, that means i should live to 100 or more. We get great entertainment from the wrestling as well, the neighbours can hear us yahooing. And it's a great incentive for the little ones to behave if they want to up late and watch it. I often use that as a carrot.

LOL--When I was a teenager, I had cousins and friends who would take me to wrestling matches--and in those days --TV was black and white --wrestling, puppet shows and old movies were pretty much all that was on TV...we all understood that wrestling was not real--but we still found it highly entertaining...My youngest son and his best friend loved wrestling--so we took them to see Andre' the Giant, in person--we all had a great time... Andre' passed away a long time ago--Giants don't live to be very old. I'll always remember him and how the young boys loved him.