I Am Man And Woman

Okay so, hm, most people dot know this but I'm, I am a very genderqueer person, I don't feel like my gender was ever even approved. When I was a little girl I would always through tantrums because I didn't want to wear dresses and then other days they had to fight me to get jeans on me and get me out of a frilly pink skirt. I am a gemini and I am also bi polar so it really makes noticeable when I feel like a girl and when I feel like a guy. And sometimes when I am you know... "Turned on" I would pretend I had the 'male part' and strangely that felt more natural than "getting off" the 'woman's way' it's just normal for me. I haven't told anyone yet besides my girlfriend, she is also genderqueer. Speaking of which, my "gender swings" as I call them never interferes with my sexuality because I am a pansexual, my girlfriends is asexual so it doesn't matter anyways. Well... That is my story I know it probably isn't the best story ever ^^"
Cryingsmile Cryingsmile
18-21, T
Jan 5, 2013