I Am Who I Am, And There'S No Ignoring That.

The big question:
Who am I?

This is a question I've struggled to answer for years. I was born a girl, and I'm comfortable with that... Most of the time, however, there are days that being in this female body just feels wrong somehow. My gender seems to change constantly and periods of time inconsistent. I will be male for about a month before suddenly switching to female, and I'll remain that way for around three weeks before changing back again for a few hours, if you get what I'm saying. This has confused me for quite a while, until sometime around February, I had never even heard the term Bi-gendered. Because f this, I still tried to fit myself in somewhere. First I had thought that maybe I was transgender, but that didn't seem right, as I have always been comfortable in my own skin, so then I theorized that possibly I was a crossdresser. This somehow didn't feel right either, so when I found the term bigender and a small description of what it was, I immediately looked it up on multiple sites, and recently I came to the conclusion of what I was, and it was a huge relief, I knew who I was. This feeling of enlightenment and kind of feeling of joy, lead me to almost immediately come out to my best-friend and girl-friend, who both also have less accepted gender-identities or sexuality, they both supported me. This feeling of support gave me a sense of comfort to tell my parents about my gender-identity recently, who both normally support me well, and have their own sexual quirks. I felt this would be easy, but surprisingly I was wrong, they basically told me I was wrong, and they flat out said that what I was explaining wasn't logically possible, and that there would be no reason for this identification to even exist. At first this dragged me down a lot, made me a bit depressed with myself and made me start to question my gender-identity yet again, but it soon motivated me even more. I want to prove them wrong, get stories about other people who identify as bigendered like me, get facts about this identity and show them blatantly who I am.

So, again.
Who am I?
I am Neeno Blane, and Xander DeVal.
I have had no control over who I am, and neither has anyone else like me, we are who we are, and even if we wanted to change, we couldn't.
TheSecrets TheSecrets
Apr 26, 2013