In 2002, I met a woman who came to the Alpha House maternity home where I was staying. She pretended to be a labor coach. I trusted this person and allowed her into my life. She invited me to come live with her. She knew I was alone and was contemplating "open adoption" She played into that telling me she had an open adoption with another mother of her children. I came to find out that was most certainly not the case. 

Short story, the State of Florida decided I was an unfit parent, even though I would have probably seemed much more fit had I not moved in with the Dorrions and trusted them with my secrets. 

Almost ten years later and this woman Joyce Dorrion is a manipulative ****. She is trying to come into my life pretending she will let me talk to my daughter. Considering that in court, I made the case easy and cheap for them by signing away my rights on my own under the stipulation that I would be allowed visits every month according to the document. 

Never happened. Last year, this woman, Joyce Dorrion, weaseled her way back into my life promising me I could talk with my daughter. Once again, I fell for her lies and manipulation. Then through the conversation she changed her mind completely. 

Now a year later she is playing the same game again insulting me in a harassing manner. Telling me this is for my daughter's best interest. My daughter has nothing to do with this. 

Joyce destroyed that years ago and now is trying to make up for it. But I know she never will. Her foster / adoptive kids will grow up to know the truth about her behavior and she will have destroyed them just as she has done to me and many other naive, young mothers. 

Open adoption is a sham. I know that now. For any mother who thinks this is a quick fix, do not do it. You have no rights once your child is adopted. 

Maybe if you find a nice, honest family with no ulterior motives who are grateful for the gift you have made of your child, then the situation will be different. 

But that is probably a very rare situation. I have talked with lawyer after lawyer to no good. I am disgusted that this country would outright lie to get a child, but apparently that is the world in which I live. 

Shame on America. Shame on Joyce Dorrion. 

Florida is a **** hole swamp state. Now lesson learned. Can not wait to move out of this dishonest country for once and for all. 

What of my family, say you? Oh they are just as ugly and nasty as the Dorrions. I have not heard from my mom in years. She is a nasty *****. 

My family allowed this to happen to me and I will never forgive them for that. 
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Sorry you had to go through that. I hope you never find yourself in that situation again.