12years Later

April 1 my whole life turn upside down. It was the day I meant my son I gave up 12years before. 12years before things wasn't going right for me and I already had a son when I had him I didn't even have a car seat to bring him home so the hospital gave me a carseat. So I kept him for two months before I gave him up. At that time I couldn't even feed me and my first son . So I was really depressed. I was always crying so one day I got up and said to myself please lord show me the way I need help I can't do this something came on tv a adpotion so I called and she came out and she took him for two week to see if I could live without him. It was so hard for me without him being there cause I still had my first. So two weeks went by and I made my mind up I went ahead and gave him up. I pick a mix couple cause he is mixed with black and white. So they let me give my baby to myself I fell on my knees telling him I loved him over and over. It was an open adaption. So one day they sent a pic and on the back there was his new name with white out on the last name so I took the white out off and got the whole name found them in the phone book and called the number that was listed in the phonebook of course I called privated. But I would just called to see if I could hear him or anything. The number was change so I had lost contact at that time. As time went on I got a facebook account so I looked the mother up on facebook to my surpize she had an account. So at first I would go on her page just to see different pic and just to see how life had been for her and him. So then another day I went on her page and she put her page private. I thought she knew who I was so I let a few months go pass and I ask her to be my friend she accept my request. But
janelleg janelleg
31-35, F
May 18, 2012