My Recent Connection With My Daughter.

Hi folks. On September 28 of this year, after 28 years, my daughter found me through her husband who actually had a dream about how to contact me. That was a miracle in itself. Yes, we went through the honeymoon stage. It was wonderful. We found out that we had so much in common. She is like a mini me in so many ways. I even found out that I am a grandmother. Now the very hard part..we are in the separation stage where her and her husband wrote some really awful emails and totally misunderstood where I was coming from. This all came to a head Thanksgiving when she was invited to my son's house. Out of my three kids, she is the only one I adopted out. My life got together after she was born. Long story. She and I are both into technology so I asked her if we could Facetime at my son's house who lives far from me. She lives closer to him..which is another miracle. Anyway, she didnt say anything bad about it...but when the time came, I sat by the computer and NOTHING happened...they never contacted me. I was so heartbroken because I wanted to see the whole family. It seems like its always about her feelings but I'm not allowed to have any. She also makes me out to be a monster that I'm controlling, pushy...when all I've done is be loving to her...want the best for her and enjoy chatting with her through texting...we both agree that we dont like talking on the phone. She turns the tables on me...its like it comes out of nowhere that I'm the bad one. I sent my granddaughter a gift and it took her forever to acknowledge it. It's like I dont know how to deal with this. And if we do reunite...(she said she wants some time)...I dont know if I want to. I love her (and I told her that)...she said...bull.....
I dont like being mistreated....I could have said I didnt want to reunite...but I didnt. I was happy to have her in my life. She had a great family and she's grateful for that...its like: what did I do?
robinhelene robinhelene
Nov 28, 2012