My Baby Girl

I was 18 in love with the father he was in collage and didn't want her .I did want her .but couldn't rise her at that time .the father asked me to marry him I say no will not marry you and rise a baby in a unhappy family noway I knew he didn't want her .he never told his family about her two days after we sign the adoption papers I broke up with him .when she turned 18 I got a call form a lawyer she what to meet me I meet her and her adoption parents she got wonderful people she whated to keep in touch but we lose touch 5 years later I was on Facebook and seen her and sent her a massage she said she has been looking for me and she has a surprise she has a 2 year old and will have a baby girl in 4 months I couldn't believe it . She say I don't what to lose you again we made plans to meet I got to meet my grandson and I was there for the birth of her daughter with her adoption parents .we are still talking I don't get to she her much because she lives about 4 hours form me and goes to collage but we see each other as much as we can I feel like I got a second chance to be in her life and I am so happy now .I only hope other people who goes thought this gets a second chance to.

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I found my birth parents after searching for 15 years. My mother was an alcoholic and after our first meeting she felt too much guilt with her own two kids so I was left again, and my father, he wouldn't stop groping me. I later realized I was a product of date rape. You sound like you're supportive of your birth daughter and I wanted you to know how much she needs that.....regardless of what the future holds, try to remember that. It leaves such a hole in our hearts.