I really don't want to share my story with a lot of people who I do not know but my heart breaks every day when I cannot talk to someone . it's been 10 years almost 11 since the day I decided to give him up to my aunt and uncle. doctors told me I was pregnant so I didn't think iiwas I just thought maybe there something else wrong that was in april even home pregnancy test tell me I was not pregnant.... how was still get my cycle until May 12 in June my hip hurt almost worked overtime that day on the 20th but my boss made me leave knowing I have an appointment I went to my appointment I talk to the doctor they did a little bit of blood work and then when they had me on the x-ray table take an xray of my hip they told me to get off because I need to talk to my doctor the blood work showed you that I was pregnant the doctor felt around on my stomach and she was guessing house around 5 months pregnant I told her that was impossible to have had sex since about 8 to 9 months before that so they didn't ultrasound the OBGYN did the ultrasound and said I'm sorry but it looks like you're in labor.... at that time I did not know what to do was not ready for child.... my aunt and uncle tried to have a child for 15 years so I made a hasty decision.... I'm not ready to talk about how I got pregnant... I still I cannot believe that I was I lost 40 pounds during that 9 month of pregnancy did not lactate after and never felt like a mom my problem is older he gets the more are bond is strong I am lucky I get to see Samuel all the time and as much as I want to be is mom I know I'm not that is part of my story
elliemae0415 elliemae0415
Jan 21, 2013