Orally Bi Only!

I am an orally bisexual husband, as my ID implies, but let me define that further. I have never let a **** come in my mouth, only because I was fearful of getting AIDS or some other nasty disease.  Now, in my "advanced age," I'd not only do it, I WANT to do it.  My wife knows all about my past bisexual activities in **** theaters and glory holes (only... never outside those places).  She thinks the things I've done there are "hot" - her word.  So this most amazing woman not only knows I've had my **** sucked and licked and sucked the balls of other men, and their ***** until they showered my face in ***, she is excited by my having done that, just as it excites me when she explains in detail about the ********** she's had (two), and the times she's sucked and ****** with others watching her.  Clearly we're both turned on my exhibitionist acts.  I will always remember the heart-pounding excitement created in me on those many times when I sat in a **** theater with my pants down around my knees, **** glistening with my Vaseline and baby oil jerkoff lube, rock hard, waiting for someone to see it, or me, ******* off.  And when I'd hear someone coming down the aisle, when my excitement mounted, I'd jerk off as loudly as I could, making sure whoever was walking toward me could hear me, hoping they would stop and look at me (they almost always did).  And when they did I would take my fingers from around my **** and cup my balls so my **** would stick straight up toward whoever it was, my NAKED, GLISTENING ****, twitching, leaking, eager for company.  Most times whoever it was would join me, and jerk me off as I fondled their **** as well.  And sometimes, after many years, if I felt the person next to me was a nice, married guy, I would slide to the floor, my **** still in my hand, fingers squeezing it as I moaned and leaned forward, licking the guy's balls as he also *********** (such a nice word, don't you think?).  And once or twice if/when I was REALLY hot, when I would actually slide my lips down over the guy's hard **** I ALWAYS CAME IMMEDIATELY!  Then, of course, I would instantly "get chicken" and remove my mouth from the guy's ****, forcing him to be content to come on my face as I licked his balls or the underside of his ****.

All this my sexy, hot wife knows, and she uses it to enhance our sexual activities, sharing the viewing of bisexual and orally gay videos as she feeds me our fake *****, telling me to suck them, dipping them in our jar of greasy jerkoff lube before wiping them across my face as I jerkoff, describing to me in great detail how "they are lined up to come on your face, baby.  And they've been ******* me, too.  Look!" she'll say, sliding one of our fake ***** into her ****.  Then, "Suck him, baby.  Taste my ***** on his **** after he's been ******* me," and she'll slide the oily, **** juicy **** into my mouth, enhancing my cravings for *********** until I'm so hot I have to climb up over her face and come on it while she brings herself off.  Is there anything hotter than looking down on the body of a sexy naked woman, watching her ************ as she tells you to "come on my face, baby.  Shoot your hot *** on my face!"  I think not.  

All this we did again yesterday, and I love it.  Recently I discovered a place not far from us that has glory hole booths.  I've been thinking about going there, and discussed it with my wife.  I asked if she would mind if I went there and sucked some *****.  Amazingly she told me she thought it would be okay with her.  "Just don't get caught," were her only words of caution.  

"You know if I go there I'll suck ****.  Probably more than one," I told her.

"Yes, of course you will.  Why else go there," was her answer.

"Would you like me to come home with *** on my face or in your panties for you?" I asked, having already told her I'd probably want to take some of her soiled panties with me to sniff and wipe on the ***** with.

"Yes!  That would be hot," she answered.

"You really wouldn't care if I went there?" I asked her yesterday.  "You're giving me permission to do it?"

"I already gave you my permission to do it.  The other time you asked me about it," she answered.  Now I just need to work up the courage to actually do it.

I have the best wife in the world.
orallybihusband orallybihusband
66-70, M
4 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Hot!!! you sure do have a .great wife

I have only had a **** in my mouth twice (and only briefly), when I was much younger. As I get older the desire to suck a **** is becoming stronger and like you I want to feel what its like to have a hard, juicy **** pulse and explode in my mouth. Mind you, unlike you I also want to feel a hard **** in my arse, pumping hot *** into my belly.

By the way, your wife has a lovely body. She looks very hot.

Hey thanks! We certainly share the same desires. I'd probably enjoy getting ******, too, if the **** wasn't too big....

I'd say you do.

I should have said, "...for me!" and that I do....

Hot! Wish my husband was bi. Sometimes he lets me do a lil *** play, guess that's enuf--or whatever-- but i'd like to share a pulsing **** with him. :-( thx for the visuals ;)

Guess the grass is always greener, etc., because I'd love to share other ***** with my wife. Got her to an adult book store once, but at the last minute she decided she couldn't go into the glory hole booths with me. I had her dressed for action, too... thin tank top, no bra, short skirt, sexy panties. At least the guys in the store got an eyeful and enjoyed looking at her. That in itself was hot and fun. Maybe next time....

Oh yes, he knows LOL...we share each other, that's not the issue. I think he has societal hangups, to be completely honest. I'm working on him ;p