But It Does Not Define Me...

i am.  No doubt about it; and i have has sex with a man.  But I am not flaunting it, nor using it to hid behind.  I am not having sex with everything in pants, nor do i actually enjoy it over other forms of sexual expression.  After some experimenting earlier, i discovered that it is just another part of me.   I am not going to be out cruising for guys, and I'm not going to be promiscuous.  My fiance and i plan to live a normal, monogamous life together.  She and I have talked about it, and it is with her support and knowledge that i have decided that i will not pursue bisexual relationships.  She has also let me know that we can talk about it if i begin to have an urge.   She is some great lady, my darling P.


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I love kinky sex

Maybe not so great, but I love you...<br />
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