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I Am A Married, Bisexual Mom.

Hi! I have been married for 7 years. For the past 5 years, my husband and I haven't had any type of intimacy. I have been looking for another woman in my life. He knew I was bisexual when we were dating. It is not an issue. Now that my child is in school, I have decided to live my life. I am only staying married until I qualify for long-term alimony. He is nothing but a pay check to me now. He killed all of the feelings I had for him. I am 40, not dead. I will never, ever get married again. I know that much. As for everything else, my new life is just beginning and I love it!!! Thank you for having me in your group.
leslieu leslieu 36-40, F 8 Responses Jan 17, 2011

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I wish for you the best life can offer and all the happiness you can find! :)

ur husband is a ****. i would love having a wife that was into women. it would be great to have another woman live with us and sleep in our bed but not all men can do that but the same is true about girls too

Lady, don't let your life pass outside your door... no one is gonna live it for you!

I am sorry to hear this, the very same thing happened to a friend of mine. She married this guy she loved, only to find out he was using her for a cover up. Just after the wedding, all sex stopped for over two years. Mary got a divorce, everyone was shocked. Mary opened up to a few friends, her husband was gay but he could not work around younger people if they found out he was gay. What a user, he changer Mary and hurt her deeply, not just because of no sex but the lose of emotional feelings, companionship, being with your best friend that is not your friend. Wow is all I can say.

My girl friend was in a long term sexless marriage - no sex for 6 years! Then, she started seeing me, she was so hot for sex and a good ****. After about a year, she decided to leave him: she learned that life was was living and that she could have fun.<br />
<br />
She swore never to get married and now has fun with me and other men, often goes out with her girl friends - not bi, but what difference does that make?<br />
<br />
Good for you - live life while you can!

Yes you need out of that marriage to go that long with sex no way me and my wife would never stand for that period. You need to wait till your child is 18 and then get out and meet someone that will make you happy plus collect the good alimony from him for living A hell of A marriage. Well good luck on what ever you decide to do .

Does your husband know?

Maybe you will find the right man or women <br />
To fill those sexually needs soon I would <br />
Die if I didn't have sex 4 to 5 days week so <br />
Would my wife