If We Ever Get A Chance To Meet

If we ever get a chance to meet, I would love to kiss you and run my fingers thru your hair, kiss your neck and give you tender, baby bites; kiss your face, your cheeks, and closed eyelids, and then your lips; fondling your breasts as we kiss deeply, our tongues swirling. Our nipples hardening, our ******* moistening, every nerve in our skin standing on end and longing for contact with each other's body. I would open your blouse and unhook your bra, freeing your soft breasts. My hard, excited nipples brush against yours and our ******* start to tingle. I rub and massage your *** with my hand, and then bring my mouth to suckle the nipple of the other. My free hand gently slides down your tummy and then up your thighs to feel the warm dampness filling the sweet air lingering around your *****. As you become more excited, your intoxicating scent begins to fill the air until I can resist it no longer. I am drawn to the scent, the sight, the taste, and the texture of your soft, moist *****. I hesitate, my lips almost touching your *****. I savor the scent of your womanhood, and begin to gently kiss your inner thighs and the area just outside your outer lips. Slowly, teasingly, I lick ever closer to your labia, sometimes backing off and then approaching again. I want to see your honey leaking out of you before I bring my tongue in direct contact. When I finally do, it will be an ever so light lick as I listen for your first gasp. When you can wait no longer, you will grasp the back of my head and pull me in close as you move your hips rythmaticaly against my lips and tongue, covering my face with your sweet nectar. The smell, taste, and texture of your womanhood will overpower me and my juices will flow down the insides of my thighs. I will listen to the sound of your urgent breathing as I bring you closer and closer to ******, and await the reward of your ***** quivering in extasy against my lips and tongue. - I cannot wait to have you!!!!
PenelopeTaylor PenelopeTaylor
36-40, F
9 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Oh my...

Oh my...

So hott!! I want a session with you!

Fire up that Hitachi grill. I like mine medium well. LOL.

Uyknas apparently I am the only woman alive not enthralled by the Hitachi magic! Damn thing nearly killed me and I had decent tips from several people who will remain nameless! SIgh...

Yes while it's a fantasy story abount an encounter I was hoping to have, I can assure you that it's been done before. This not my first rodeo.... :)

Reading a woman write this passionate and intense a story for another woman is such a happy experience for me ! Thanks for sharing !! I so wish I could feel this intensity closer to me in someone I know !

Just wait until I post my next escapade with my naughty little angel....

Good first story. Takes a lot of time and effort to write something this good!