The Other Woman

Im not a bixual woman married to a man.... Im the girlfriend of the bisexual woman married to a man... trying to find out what to do. We've dated for a year august 21... they've been married a year august 8th. She keeps changing her telling him from my 18th bday... past. to she graduates... this year. to me graduateing... 4 years. My best friend said shes just draging me along. I keep denying it, but deep down its kinda freaking me out. Just not sure what to do at this point.
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well i am married and all i want is a bifriend that will play with us once and awhile. i think she just wants her cake and to eat it too. o say she dont care enough about you and she isnt leaving. they never do. find someone else as much as it hurts. you need someone who will be up front with you. never settle for less

I've always wondered how the triangle would play out. I have to say it's not easy finding a woman bi or lesbian who will go for a married bi woman. At least that's been my experience so far, in the few times I've met other women who like women. I'd love to hear you talk more about the dynamics of this and how it works for you.

Why is that? Some of us are soo normal and enjoyable to be around. Why can't we have it all???

first thanks... i am worried about her and ill do anything i can to make her marriage work if that is what makes her happy. all i want is her happiness. she comes first. always.

I say this with an open mind, and a tender heart. A marriage is about two people that will watch each others back, and protect one another from harm. It is about caring about another person enough to sacrifice one's own well being at times. It is about resolve with in ones self. <br />
If you are in bed with both the husband and his wife, then you might be able to be a part of that marriage, but if you are only concerned about yourself, and the women that you are involved with, is only concerned about herself, the to of you will learn the hard way, that it is not love, but a desire that is so strong, that you are willing to hurt others to fulfill that desire. I hope you find a person that can show what love is. I would suggest that you read carefully the poet Kahil Gebran. He says that love is all giving, and never taking. If the situation is painful for you, I suggest you back away, and get on with your life. That is not easy medicine, but in the long run, it will carry you to better future. Good luck, and best wishes.