Happily Married And Bisexual.

I'm happily married to my husband. We have a 2 yr old and one on the way. I am also very much attracted to women. I LOVE  BEING WITH WOMEN. He knows this and approves. When we met I was strickly with women...I'm not really attracted to men...just happened to be attracted to him lol. Anyway, he pleases me sexually but knows I enjoy having sex with women. SO hes ok with mehookin up with other women as long as I give him a heads up and I dont do it in our bed. WHICH IS TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE. lol. We dont participate in 3ways or anything like that. He just doesnt mind me with women.

We have great communication and trust between us so I guess thats why he's cool with it. He even tries to find me lady friends lol.

IDK, Maybe I'm just lucky.
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I am in a very similar situation. Married. 3 year old. 7 months pregnant. Supportive husband. Really not attracted to guys. The only difference? I don't have an female fun on the side. I also want more than just a sexual relationship. I want a girlfriend. *sigh* How do you meet people?

I would agree, extremly lucky.

:) Thanks 4 all the comments

Above comment, I just flagged you. If you wish to discuss Jesus, God, and religion.. go to a board that discusses just those things.

I would love to be in your situation!

I would to hookup with you.