Bisexual And Married

me and my husband has been married for a long time about 4 years ago we had a ********* with 1 of my friends and i really enjoyed it! and so did he. but we are both kinda of shy so i havnt did it since but i think about it all the time. i just dont know how to approach doin it again. Im so into girl on girl **** and fantisize about finding another girl that we can have a sexual only relationship that want interfere with our day to day life. I dont think i can just do girls cause i love **** soooo much but sometimes i do feel like a lesbian but i love my husband sooo much.
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You might try one of the swinger sites... There are many couples on those sites that get together for only g/g play... We do that together which makes it soooo much better

P.S. meant to ask if you can suggest any decent stuff to watch as i have had a look recently and it seems either long winded stories with not much action in it or blatant set up stuff which is not realistic and doesn't really grab me.

Hiya,<br />
Your situation sounds like mine with being married for 5 years, loving my husband but think about girls all the time. We as a couple are shy too and I would find it difficult to try and advance on another girl - would eagerly submit it they made the first move though! Wouldn't want other people knowing either which is hard. I am guessing the stars in your text are for a 3 some and if so am impressed you have done that - I still don't know how to even approach anyone for that! Crikey it's hard but chatting here is helping to release some emotional frustration! Hope it is helping you too (though physical stuff would be better!) Message me if you want to. x

It sounds like you've already broken the barrier once with that 3-some...Since its been a while...maybe you should watch some **** with him and pick one that has a good 3-some in it...start touching him and get him turned on prior to that scene coming on...during that scene watch his reaction - maybe suck on him touch him at the same time - do something you know that would drive him wild...and make a comment that you wish you could do 'x' to him while someone else did 'y'... <br />
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Or <br />
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do something similar and wait until after the scene is over and then restart the scene and say 'This is what I would love to do - what do you think?'<br />
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I'm betting he will agree...

wow your story sounds very similar to mine except the fact that my husband doesn't kno im bi. i wish i could give u advice on it but I can't because I'm stuck and don't know what to do about my situation either. Let me know how things work out.