Married To A Man But I Am Bi And Want A Woman To Join Us

I have been married 12 years to my husband who is my soul mate and love very much. He has always known about my attraction to women and supported me in exploring this part of me. We recently had a ********* w another married woman. This experience has opened up my entire perspective and I knew immediately I could not live w out a woman! I have been honest w my husband that I need a woman in our relationship. He accepts this but nevertheless it's a huge challenge! This is not something accepted in society but I have to be true to myself and I don't want to settle! It's really hard to find a single woman interested in a married couple! For now this has been the biggest challenge! I know once I do find her we will go through many complex emotional issues but I would not feel whole denying myself of my desire for a woman and a man in my life! Is there any other women out there going through the same thing? Have you found a woman? If so how???? I need guidance and support!
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Is your husband very open (snicker) perhaps he would consider changes to be both. I have heard of many loving and satisfying couples where this works out very well. Just a thought. You never know where he honestly stands. It is easily tested. When next you are playing, see if he would consider playing in something of yours... consider it it is really very easy. Otherwise perhaps consider finding an individual that fill both bills female and male. It is a stretch, but so is am amazing intimate adventure, that maybe awaits you both. Once I cross over I may have to go looking for someone for my wife and perhaps me too, but that is a thought that is years away in deciding. We remain best of friends, my wife and I, as you can maybe sense we would not be together any other way.

I have been able to find a women. The first one we were with for 3 years but then she just quit calling and texting. She texted me about 2 weeks later and said she was getting married to a guy she had just met. That broke my heart, and hurt my husband too. I am now seeing another girl and hoping it doesnt happen again. I met both of them on Its a social site that can lead to connections. It does gets frustrating at times. The girl I'm seeing now ive known since Jr high. That makes things easier too if you know them. Good luck! Message me if you have any questions

:) I enjoyed reading your story!