Bisexual And Married...its Rough At Times

I've been married for goin on 7 years to my husband. Sometimes things are great, sometimes they're not. He's my best friend and I do love him. I dated a girl for 3 years and he was supportive to a point, but didn't understand how I could love her. Finally he ended up pushing her away, then he realized he loved her too. We had had ********** and one on one both ways (me & him, me & her and her & him). Im completely comfortable with that. It's been a year since I seen her last and now im talking to someone new. I really hope it works out.
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

We have considered this my husband and I. My life is somewhat complicated as it isais but we do go back and forth about it. In the end all that matters is your primary relationship which is why it's never really fair to the other person so friends w benefits may work better than poly Amory.

The tough part I believe will being able to your emotional front to both and each other. Somewhere the protective nature of those we love comes into play. Unless there is a very honest open and honest (yes honesty is the tough one here) communication and friendship level with all 3 of you the inbalance may be overwhelming in time or over time. <br />
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