Dressing Up For Sex

My first  encounter of dressing up started when i was a teenager and the first outfit i tried on was a pvc outfit with suspenders accompanied by six inch heels. I was always intrigued with sexy langerie and loved experimenting with my then partner. I love the way a man becomes aroused at seeing you submissive and eager to please in whatever way you can. This has continued with my husband and when we go away, dressing up in something hot is a must especially when he is not expecting it and he walks in to find an eager wife that will do anything to make him have the best climax possible. I recently bought a pair of studed, open shoes, with metal chain design. This was accompanied by a pvc outfit with metal buckles straps resting over the rib cage with metal buckle straps over the nipples and my ***** open for penetration. I love to start with deep kissing ang gentle biting, massaging his chest with oil, working down through to his inner thighs and back up to each side of his groins. Gently brushing and massaging his ***** and ***** with oil, pouring massage oil over my ******* and brushing them over his ***** and lapping his ***** with my tongue, pulling his ******** up and down, increasing the pace while he massages my body with his hands all over me and making my ******** swell. I love to hold his ***** and guide him into me slowly, i get so excited and my ***** swells even more which makes him rock **** when i slide onto him. I love being on top and move my ***** in circular movements and side to side and up and down. I moan with such pleasure as he goes deeper into me, my ***** begins to fill with juices and moistens his **** so i slide off him and begin to s*** his big, hard and pulsating ***** and watch while his pre-*** begins to spill out. He moans with such delight and i precede with guiding him back into me with wild, passionate strokes, i bounce up and down him, holding his ******** back and then doing fully down on him, alternating my moves with squating and then straddles until he tells me he is going to *** and so i start to go faster and faster, straddling him with hard and deep thrusts until we both ****** still dressed wearing my  heels and pvc outfit. It makes my ***** throb when i think about my hubby helpless and loving every thrust of my ***** on his ***** and hearing him moan and hold me tight, thrusting into me.
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wow its hot and i like that