Married To Man Wanting To Date A Women

I recently told my husband i thought i was bi which he didnt take to good at first but then he said why dont we have a 3 some which we did and it only comfired that i was bi growning up i had found women attracted but never told anybody until i told my husband the problem now is the women we have been sleepin with says she wants to be my friend to which is good but then she goes weeks with out talking to me when i text he i dont know what to do cause i think i would like her to be morethan just a friend and an every so ofter lover but i dont know how to ask or how she will responed or how my husband would react i would only sleep with her with him involved im not going to cheat on him or leave him for her i just need help.
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i think thats what my husbands problem is but im not i love him more than life its self i will never do anything to hurt him i just wish u would understand and i told her i cared about u and said something about girlfriend and i got ok to the first and i dont know how to responed to the secound which left me a little confused any comments on how i should go from here

What do you ladies suggest if our husbands don't understand that need? My husband said he's worried I'll "turn" gay. He knows better to say that! When I try to explain my desire, he brushes me off. Any suggestions?

I think your husband should let u have a girlfriend..............:O

I believe it's natural and very common for women to love women. We're made that way, and it fills an area that men usually can't or don't. I think a wise husband would realise that and accept it, and not feel threatened. It does take trust and honesty. Your marriage comes first... if you fine that you can't stay married, then talk it through and leave the marriage before continuing on with the new relationship. You owe your husband that much. I would say welcome a woman lover into your life, be honest and open about it and keep your chosen mate number one if you want to have both.

I thought i would feel the same way but when we got into the siuation i was just so glad to be with a women i didnt let him do to much the first time and he asked before he did anything and even made sure a couple of times before he did the secound i told he to just have fun to do what ever because i feel like if he is going to cheat on me i would want him to infront of me and not behind my back and i guess thats the way he feels about me with another women he wants to be involved but it kind ofmakes me feel untrusted and wired because of course being with two women is what most men want but if it was to be another man which i dont want to be with he had said he couldnt share me with me with another man its like its kind of one sided but to the women who have a husband and a girlfriend how do u pull it off. I dont want her for just sex it would be nice to be wanted by more than my husband whoes job keeps him gone alot like i said before i would only sleep with her with him involved.

*can't control. (sorry)

Wow it really is comforting knowing you're not alone. I too have the same issue and want to be with the girl just the two of us but for a different reason. I am extremely jealous and wouldn't feel comfortable with my husband touching another naked woman's body. I know it's seems selfish, but it's not a feeling I can control. I wish I knew what to do. :(

He would be against it it if was just me and her he is afarid of getting hurt i dont wont to hurt him and i wont im not going to leave him for her but y cant i have both

It is so nice to hear someone has the same issue as I do! :) What do you think your husband will say if you just want the two of you together? I think that is common husbands/boyfriends think a 3 some will help.