Playing House Led To Much More

I'm 24yo female, with my husband over 7 years. My first sexual experience was with a female at age 10. Playing house led to much more but I can remember being much younger and knowing then i was attracted to females, I showed a girl My nipples in first grade. I lost my verginity at age 13 and knew then i was bisexual. When i met my husband i was honest with him about my feelings towards men and women and kept nothing from him. I am currently, occasionally sexually involved with women, & sometimes including My husband, but he isn't threatened because My relationship with any woman thus far has not gone beyond sex and friendship. I perfer not to be in a relationship with women, though I've tried, its just a sexual thing with me. I do get more sexual arousal from women vs men but hope to have kids oneday. My husband IS my soul mate and luckly he can understand and accept me the way i am. At times we have discussed open relationship and even polygamy. I believe i have more than enough love to share.
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You are off to a wonderful marriage and life, being so honest and open.

i have to agree. it working very well so far. i cant help but think u csnt have ur cake and eat it too. i feel like im doing both right now and it makes me nervous.
we cuckold but i hope to add another woman to our relationship one day. thats part of my ultimate fantasy

I was only married twice, and both were bisexual. My first wife did not discover that until she was 23yo and we'd been married for 6 yrs, but it never caused a ripple in our r'ship. My second wife was a swinger and was practicing with other woman all the time. I knew that and encouraged her to continue all the time we were married. It grows trust. Scary for the guy, always knowing that he can never compete in the same way sexually as another woman with his wife/SO. Forced a lot of honest communications.

it must be scary, he doesnt act like it but im sure hes used to it by now. ive known ive like women longer than ive liked guys. (ive known since kindergarden) i love women sexually more but always preferred relationships with males. i knew early on, maybe 9th grade i made a plan for some permanent **** in my life that would allow me pleasure from women. i got lucky the following year. been with him ever since(going on ten yrs)
it is definitely a strength building exercise for a relationship.
so are u in a relationship? u can inbox if u wanna


Good for you at being honest with your spouse and good that he is secure enough in your relationship to enjoy your bisexuality with you..Lucky you , lucky him..

Very much so

Friends with benefits?