Yes, I Cheated

I cheated on my husband with another woman. My story is crazy, my life is crazy now. I know I did wrong. I know I hurt him in the worst way possible. But i feel like I am being punished on a daily basis now. I have been physically and mentally beat down for what I did. Is there any way to have a normal life after this??
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If he hit you leave now! It will never get better.

Hi there...Every one is different and will forgive in his/her time. I hope and pray you are no longer being abused. There is no reason for anyone to physically or mentally abuse someone. I would like to tell you that things will get back to normal. But it will be a new normal. Things will never be exactly as they were. My husband and I have had our fair share of ups and downs and have always persevered. Last summer I had a fling with another woman. He flat out told me he didn't like it and wanted it to end. So to save our marriage I did. It took awhile to for things to get back to normal. But I know the thought is still in the back of his mind. I've only come out to a few people and he's not comfortable with that either. I guess in a way he feels threatened. I'm not sure. But things are better and we're happy. I hope and pray the same for you. I wish you nothing but happiness and I hope things work out for the best. I'm here if you ever need someone to talk to...

I am so sorry..

Well, first and foremost, any physical abuse is out of any proximate question....If it comes down to extreme levels of abuse a temporary parting of ways could be deemded relevant...I wish you a completely different picture, forgive, love and appreciate yourself for the existence you have as a person..not just a wife. Perhaps, discussing your feelings of women could give you the relief you need....

all men love sex with another woman that's very bad

add me please

My opinion and everyone has one, is no, it will not be the way it was before. He is so upset at what happened that you wanted another women more than him, it hurt his man hood. His issue might be, (if you cheated with another man, he might not be man enough) but in reality he is not women enough and that is not something he can compete with. Think of it this way, how would you feel if your husband cheated on you with another man? This might give you some insight on how he feels and if he cheated on you with another man, how you would feel. Once you understand this then ask yourself would things ever be the same between you and him if he sleeps with another man?

I guess the real issue is trust, on his part, can he trust you not to sleep with a woman again. He knows the answer and that is why he is so upset. You cannot deny your desires to be with a woman, sooner or later you will give in to your desires. It is really hard not to be the person you are and stay in a relationship with a man when you want a man and a woman. Good Luck in trying to figure this one out, I wish the best for both of you.

It is hard to say if things will get back to normal for you. I certainly hope that they do. But not all men feel the same way. My wife is bi and we love each other very much. We are not the jealous type. Physical is not the same as emotional. If she has sex with another woman I am not threatened by it. I'm delighted that she is enjoying (and expressing) herself.

If he really forgave you he wouldnt physically or mentally beat u down. I think hes going to continue.

I understand your situation but understand that forgivness comes with no punishment & if he keeps bring up the past it is not forgiveness