40 Bisexual Married And Trying To Find Balance

I have a strong desire for women but emotional conflict with them at the same time. Am I the only bisexual woman out there who doesn't have close female friendships yet desires women sooo much? I'm so attracted to women it astounds me. I've only had one emotional relationship with a woman 20 years ago. It was wild, crazy, passionate and it crashed and burned hard. The hurt sent me back to the sanity and simpleness ( in my opinion) to a man. I've always been honest with men about bisexuality and of course they are intrigued. My current husband is supportive and I have had sexual encounters with women in the last 10 years. No *********. They have been all 1/1. No cheating as I've been honest and had his permission. We are a part of the swinger community, have been for 8 years. However it's been a means mostly to fulfill my desire and need to be with a women. However it still falls short of what I fully need. I would love to have a girlfriend again I have tried to seek that but it's impossible to find. I worry I will always feel as a bisexual something will be missing. There is no balance.
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

There are other options but you are married.