Bisexual Woman Married To A Man

I love my marriage to my husband. We get along great and have a great deal in common. We are a great team together and have a lot of fun in our relationship. We have been together for an eternity! I have been honest with him about my feelings about women and he knows that I am interested in dating women. He has allowed me to have relationships which has been great. I feel very supported and lucky to have him in my life. I have never met anyone that I felt like I needed to leave my marriage for thus I am not really looking to do that. I think that as human being we all have things that we need and that we can't get from one experience or relationship in this case. There are many things that women have to offer in an intimate relationship that men cannot. I enjoy having sex more with women and feel like I need that in my life. I also enjoy many other wonderful things about women; their intensity, emotional intimacy and connection is something that men fall short on when it comes to having sex. Anyway, I want to connect with women who are in the same boat as myself. It's hard to find a women to date without having any drama. Even though they say they are fine with you being married, in the end they are not. I need to date women who are also in a marriage.
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1 Response Jan 27, 2013

I too am in the same situation, but with a little more depth as I am in love with a woman too.. I am struggling as she wants to have a relationship because she is lesbian, and my husband does not want to share me..