Married & Bi

I am married to a man that loves me more than anything in the world. Our relationship is not perfect but I can have just about everything I want...and that includes him giving me the ok to sleep with another woman. He told me it was best if he knew about it rather than having me sneak around or do it on my own because that would hurt him than if he knows.

We planned on having a ********* but the irl we met felt uncomfortable with it so he told me I could be with her if I wanted to. Well I did and it was amazing, we are both from the same culture (my husband is American) so at times I can talk with her because my husband does not understand my culture at times. My family is very religious and so is the woman I was with. After having a 1 year friendship with the woman we decided to meet and long story short we started an intimate relationship. It was GREAT, but I became emotionally involved. i fell in love with the woman which almost ruined my relationship with my husband.

It has been 3 years now since I have been friends with the woman and even though I found out she was "cheating" on me (ironic isn't it) we still talk because we have so much in common and we can talk to each other because we both know coming out to our families would ruin everything. We both have very important jobs that possibly could be destroyed if others knew that we both liked women. Even though we had sex twice (never in my home) I am still sexually attracted to her & often wonder if i did see her again would I make love to her and become emotionally involved again?

We know our sexual relationship will end eventually, either when one of us becomes pregnant or become more involved in the church like our families want. By the way she is single, married before and divorce and her ex knew nothing about her bi side because he would have left her. Maybe it is because she is older I love her caring ways and how could I have fallen in love? That was not part of the deal.

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i hear you i am married too , but my hubby is OK with women in my life .nothing like making it with a women omg , that is ironic she cheated on you , she must be very awesome in and out , some women have that charm as i do , i can seduce a women faster than a man ..i hope you can have her again , if not try to find someone new . candy.. if i had a choice it would be women period ..