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Currently i am in a relationship with a women who is bisexual. now i know shes attracted to women which is fine but its her acting on that urge to have sex with women that bothers me. isnt that considered cheating? like have sex with someone else who isnt your partner or spouse? the thing is she asked me about it as a "what if" situation. like what if i do have sex with a women would you mind. i said yes i would. she wouldnt be faithful if she did. like i dont understand why she would want to have sex with the same sex. it makes me as a man feel inadequate and unsatisfactory. i just dont understand it. like do some definitions in a relationship bend and manipulate themselves for a bisexual women? i thought cheating was cheating and a relationship is a relationship and sex is sex no matter what the gender or person. who i am as a person i want someone who is faithful to me and my fiance who wants to have sex with women "sometimes" would not be considered faithful to me. i dont know what to do. i want to be with her but she has urges to have sex with the same sex.

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U have to remember that we cannot help this. We didn't plan it, it is just the way we r and does not affect our love for you

i dont understand though it seems out of lust bisexuals do this. just like im attractive to women and want to have sex with them but i dont give into the lust or the temptation. just like shes attractive to both sexes and wants to have sex with them. i understand that she is attractive to both sexes just like im attracted to women, but she decided to be with me and to be in a faithful committed relationship. i understand the other half of her isnt satisfied but thats why people decide to go into a faithful committed relationship. thats why i stopped having sex with random women because lust and sex had taken over my life. it just doesnt make sense. she made the decision to commit to me not me committing to her.

If what her desires are do not meet with you approval then say good bye. She needs to do this and her spirit will not rest until she does and it will not likely be a main thing you are but everyonce and a while she will need to have a female lover. I have know some women like this and what I have described is what has happened. Samantha