Looking For A Special Friend ;)

I am a married woman who is extremely attracted to women.  My husband is aware and is OK with it, the problem is, where to find someone? I need to be very discreet as I have young children and a large extended family.  It would be such a scandal if anyone found out!   I have only been with one woman and it was amazing.  I would like to find a woman that I could develop a long term relationship with.  I'm not interested in jumping from bed to bed. I live in the Los Angeles area.  Does anyone have any suggestions? 

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36-40, F
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I want to experiance ma first bisexual experience with an early 20 woman because I'm only 21 and noone in my family knows anything and that turns me one even more but i want to get it out of my system I need to knw if i am or not

I feel so much like you. Would b so nice to have someone to just talk to and if something develops then that would b fine too. I live near Lou, KY

Hi, I see a post that you have written last year, I'm actually nervous myself, I tried it one time only in like 2003..but got scared cause I don't won't to be out there like that, I also have a family and my fiance is not aware of my thoughts or feelings on that level, he would not understand. I am looking for a friend, a long term friend, someone to have fun with and enjoy and know one knows are secret. So u can reach out to me if u like to get to no me. I'm from kansas city mo.. and I hope this website gives you my email address, if it doesn't please reply back to this message and I will give u the email address...just trying to be discreet as possible.. I do look forward to hearing from you.

am interested if you are interested .. i live in Kenya though.....no chance of a scandal!!!