My Wife Is Bi And I Am One Happy Fella

With over 8 years of marriage and 2 kids I though that we had everything figured out, Was I wrong....

To spice up sex we did play around FMF and MFM, and rapidly noticed she enjoyed a lot more being with a woman, too much if you ask me :).,

We have had trust issues in the past and learned from our mistakes, so one day I finally had her confessed that shes endulges woman as much as I do,

.Do I enjoy seen her with other woman?: Big yes

Do i get jelous when she is out with her: No, she always comes back and describes and full detail what they, ( or at least enough to get me "therE")


We have ground rules, as soons as she feels emotionally connected with this person we'll talk about it and find the best way of dealing  with it.

I know she loves me and  i love her to death, so seen her happy makes me wonder why men around here dont feel as secure as I do, when it comes to live with a bisexual woman,

They have to know: You are not with a normal ladie guys, she is actually much BETTER :)

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How do you managed not being jealous when your wife goes out with another woman? Wouldn't you like to have fun too? Agreed, she will come back. But wouldn't you prefer to play with them instead of watching Monday Night Football ?

I am a bisexual woman who is happily married to a man. :) I love him. We are in the process of setting ground rules, im letting him decide what is okay and what isnt because he is the one who has to share me. :) Im glad to hear that someone else is going through the same thing that he is going through. He absolutely loves this side of me and wishes i would have shown it to him earlier. lol i was just scared to tell him.

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It's funny you mention that because i think my wife gets turn on by insinuating to me that I should try some Bi activities, jahajhja I obviously turn her down at "some" degree :), but as you can see there are women out there who will actually enjoy your sexuality and well it's just matter of developing that kind of trust, .....wish u luck, P:)

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At least hes trying on his own way to deal with what makes you happy, I always told my partner that no matter what we say, woman have total control over the sex life obviously if they know how to use it . I actually give my wife tips as of what actually turns me on, I think anybodies sexual drive can be increased if the right buttons are pushed, I make my wife job easy, always telling her what is actually in my mind and we just give each other what we need to make us happy, and Yes that can include a third persons which in my opinion can me dealt with if everybody knows each others expectations,..............Ok sorry but I get carried away talking about it jahajhaj, <br />
it's been great for us ;) keep it up!

Very nice to find you open to your wife's happiness and fulfillment. I am a bisexual man, and trust me, not many women out there looking for me ;-( I can't think of anything I wouldn't do to ensure a woman's sexual desire, as long as we communicated. Communication is the key.

I like your story. My situation is similar to yours but maybe the only difference is that he prefers to stay completely distanced from my activities....publicly. He prefers that everyone think him to be oblivious to my activities.....this part I don't entirely like because it makes me look like a jerk, keeping it secret from him.......aww the evil web we weave......the price we pay for what we He is very plain vanilla with sex and generally has a lower sex drive than me. He knows that I have a much higher sex drive with an afinity for women.... He loves to hear my stories and lovse to talk about it mainly when we are having sex.....not so much otherwise.....weird I think....but I digress...... He, like you has gained a comfort level with my bisexuality. I think there are some small fears and concerns in the back of his mind.,...but overall he is very supportive.

I guess most of the guys feel threatened by other woman, once you help them get pass this there should be no issues, also include him in the process of you getting involved with other woman, it arouses the hell out of me, so I'm guessing he should at least curious about it, <br />
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Good Luck!