Bisexual Woman

I'll be honest, girl on girl does turn me on, and I love bisexual girls. Assuming all other things equal, I'll find a bisexual girl hotter than a straight one. I'm being honest here. That's not to say I look for different things in a bisexual girl than I do a straight one. To me it really comes down to what they're comfortable doing and what they're going to enjoy doing. I'm still going to be looking for the pretty, fun, smart, and down to earth girl that I'm going to enjoy being with, her being bi would just be a bonus.

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I have to say bi women are hotter then straight in my book hahah too.

I suspect a bi-sexual girl will have a deeper understanding of how to please another woman sexually as her experience and experimentation grows including elements she will have learned from her straight experiences. Honestly i believe women should have an experience with another woman during their life because only a woman knows how another woman really feels. There is nothing more beautiful than two women making love. Women intuitively understand the meaning of sensual love. <br />
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I Agree!

nice to read something from a confident woman! ty for that

I'll visit Thanks. Very interesting and hot topic for me. I go crazy over girl on girl, and have been thinking more about possible fun with guys.<br />