Courage To Finally Confess

I only found out about my interest in females when I was 15. I wasn't so sure before then. I never dared to confess to my parents or to any of my friends and close friends until one day I was caught by my parents when I was hanging out late and sorta in a 'date' with this girl in my age. My parents finally knew that I'm bi and I confessed to them just as soon as they found out. I began telling my friends the next few days about this as I believe I've enough courage to finally reveal my secret. Good thing was they took the fact without showing any awkward response, although some of them actually confessed to me that they won't think the same about me ever again. Funny. :p
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Opens up a new part of you; that's cool.

Im happy for you ^^

i can easily tell you why they can no longer think of you the same way..."We're going to have a *********!We're going to have a ********* ! We're going to have a three some!" admit it you were planning it to.

I just love the empowering aspect of your share!<br />
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I'm so happy to have opened up with my husband it feels good to know he can accept me flaws and all. He told me he suspected something but never knew what it meant. I want to come clean with my mom because I feel maybe I hold hate for her because I don't feel good enough to go to her and tell her. I'm greatful to have my BFF and a husband who really loves me unconditionally. Lol I think he might be a tad bit excited by it but doesnt want to admit anything. I feel like a heavy load has been taken off of me and now I hope me and my husband can have some major fun with this. Thank for listening.

I just told my husband a Cuzin and my BFF that I was bisexual and my my Cuzin hugged me and said I knew u were either gay are bi and she hugged me and kiss me and told me she would be there if I needed her to tell my Moma. I'm just coming out at 24 with three kids if feels so great.

I think it's natural to have attraction to both sexes, especially in the pre-teen, teen years, and later... External rules try to steer us away from certain behaviors and put us in conflict with our own selves... some rule do protect us, some are manipulative, archaic, and deny our basic makeup... trying to find truth and peace with ourselves is a journey, that is life long... I didn't grow up until my late 30's...and I'm still growing up, shedding my childhood misinformation... I had bisexual relationships from the early teens on, not because I sought them out and admitted I wanted them, buut because they happened and I couldn't stop myself... Being emotional close to someone is a treasure, adding physical closeness can be wonderful, but does add complexity... You are wonderful just the way you are, having "unusual feelings or desires is not abnormal... Peace! K

The ones that won't think the same of you, were never your friends!<br />
God bless.

i almost forgot remember this, you live and love just like we all do,and the best thing is girls are turning gay because they realize women actually love them better. and i think that's what you think also ^^

it doesn't matter what other people think about you. The only thing that matters is that you are happy with who you are :)

Very true. :]

@gmiller. Thanks! :] Yeah, revealing the actual me to my parents and my friends was a great relief. I'm glad they didn't take it as something bad, 'cus they know that I can't change myself and what or who I love, so there's nothing wrong with that. And thanks. We've been really awesome. :]<br />
<br />
@c0l1n. I agree. There's completely nothing wrong to show our real selves. :]

I think that's really awesome of you to finally know what you like in life. I know how it is to tell your friends and then have them say they won't look at you the same. But just because they won't look at you the same doesn't mean that they will look at you bad. Just remember you are free to love whoever you want and I think it's awesome for you to be comfortable with yourself to know you can date a man or a woman. congrats on the bf :]

oh, i see. it seemed you didn't delve too deep into it anyway.

@aguinaldo. Nope. I have a boyfriend now. :] Sorry. reply button isn't working.

so are you seeing girls now?

Good for you! I hope you feel better about yourself now and you can live your "real life" openly with the acceptance of the people who matter to you. Bravo girl ;-)

have you done this sort of thing too?