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I had an 'accidental' encounter when i was 22,it was purely an accident but i liked it. I was at University & at one of the many parties universities have each week. I was as drunk as a skunk & i had been talking to a girl i vaguely knew,she had just split from her boyfriend & was upset so i was saying all the usual things you do in a situation like that,when she announced she was going back to her room,i said i would walk back with her,i needed to sober up as i was going away the next day.We got to her room & she said she thought i needed some coffee to sober me up & that she would make some for me.When i get drunk i'm not incapable of knowing what i'm doing & the walk & fresh air had helped me a bit.She made the coffee,& when she went to put the milk away she turned & the bottle hit the cupboard & went all over me.She kept apologising & went to get a T shirt for me,she handed it to me & said surely i was'nt shy,i said no & she asked why i was'nt changing my top,i thought what the hell we're both girls,we've both got the same so i got out of my wet top,i did'nt wear a bra in those days. As i stood there with no top on we looked at each other & before i knew it we were kissing,it was'nt long before we were both naked & rolling around on the bed.The sex we had that night was awesome.
I was in my final year & i saw her a couple of more times befor i left uni,she had another boyfriend by then & so did i.It was at least another 10 years til i had my next encounter with a woman,i was dating my husband then. Since then i've had little chance to to fulfil my bi needs,but i hope to be able to have another experience before too long.My husband knows i like women as much as men,& he would rather that than me have an affair with another bloke.
smackedboarder smackedboarder 41-45, F 6 Responses Aug 27, 2011

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if its going to happen it will but has your husband even mentioned you could 3some with another women?

Cheers to that advice. Keep it open and things may work out best for all concerned. sd

wow. I wish my husband to be was open and secure enough for that.

He doesn't see another woman as a threat i suppose,i would never leave him for a full on relationship with a girl & he knows that,talk to your partner & tell him what it is you want or would want,honesty & talking really is the best way to go,good luck.x

I love spontaneous experiences like this...have you had any others since?<br />
<br />
Be sweet...Danielle

I have yep,not for a while now but i will have to put a plan into action,lol. I think spontaneous encounters are sometimes the best.Patsy.xx

i do like a good same sex touching scene i wish i had more of them, and i do have a husband and he knows about my urges for sure, he wants to see me with another woman, i just hope i can find one, damn my inability to strongly talk to pretty girls :P

Aaaww you'll get there girl,be confident,have fun it'll come to you when the time is right.x

my hat is off to your husband for being so understanding about your wants and needs! he is secure enough to let you be with another woman! it takes a helluva good man to accept that! would love to hear more from the both of you! thanks for being here and sharing so much!

Thanks for the comment,my husband is'nt on this site.He is quite understanding to be honest,hes in the police so he works long unsociable hours,he would rather i be with a woman than here on my own,especially if the kids are at their grandparents.