My Confession

Wheni was in 7 grade , i mer this bisexual girl and it all started ro make sense why i kept staring at girls change why i kept watching girl on girl **** i was in fact bisexual and kissed this girl who was too but i could never admit it because my school hated it and so did i. After i left that city and moved i met more openly gay people at my school, i fell in love with a straight girl who was bi curious struggling with why she liked me etc etc we kissed sparks flew,we dated but it ended . Freshman year is when i came out to everyone my friends everyone in my family except my mom . I think she secretly is homophobic but wont admit it, she makes rud enasty comments to gay people . Anyways after me and my mom has been fighting alot latley i decided just to tell he risaid ive slept with girls mom ive kisse dgirls and been in love with one she didnt talk to me much after that
I guess the fact i ate what i have freaked her out . I was hiding from my mom for 4 years . Now im openly gay and next time ilove a girl ill brin gher home.
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3 Responses Jul 25, 2012

You can live your life trying to please your parents and completely miss your own happiness. Good on you for coming out. Hopefully in time, you and your mom can talk about it without it being a source of contention.

The only important thing is that you are happy within yourself - the rest will eventually come around to your way of thinking..

good girl your allowed to be who you want to be and no one has the right to try and change you<br />