Picture The Scene

Picture the scene a lovely sunny summer's afternoon, about 3pm…. The
mid afternoon shadows being cast by the falling sun, I sit in the
murky depths of a sleepy café leafing through some thrashy paperback,
occasionally glancing upwards to catch the latest entrant to the
solemnly quiet temple of coffee, the afternoon's sticky and hot, the
air damp with humidity. Young girls stroll past in their summer
dresses I watch as their breast's bounce up and down underneath the
thin cotton. The roughness of the material slowly caressing their
nipples as they form into bullets of flesh as the tingling sensation
develops deep in their stomach and the cool breeze laps at their
thighs as they stroll down the bustling streets.

Then I see you as you stop outside the café slowly bending down to
adjust your shoe, the material of your dress rippling in the breeze as
you run your fingers back up to your thigh. Its unbearably hot now,
the summer sun has reached its zenith, you look round for refuge and a
cold drink to soothe the heat that's building inside. You spy the café
with its gaudy inviting signs advertising long cold refreshing drinks.
The temptations there, you slip inside and make for the darkest corner
so that you may cool down.

As you sit at your table you look around, notice that it affords you
the pleasure of seeing the entire café, yet you to the other patrons
remain hidden. The attractive if dishevelled waitress has watched your
entry from her perch behind the counter where she seems to be giggling
with the cashier, a bright bubbly young twentysomething with extremely
large breasts.

The waitress approaches as she does you notice that she is smiling
softly to herself, as you order your tall glass of coke you catch a
faint whiff of ***** on the breeze as the waitress turns to go. Over
her shoulder you see the cashier, licking her fingers slowly as she
watches the waitress return with a longing gaze, could she have been
fingering her under the counter, you dismiss the thought and reach to
your handbag to pull out the latest cosmo.

As your drink arrives you glance around the café once more, everybody
is busy talking or reading, good you think as you glance back at your
magazine, the pictures engulf you with the various erotic poses of the
hard bodied young models male and female. As you read the sex advice
pages your hand idly wanders down your body and strokes your leg,
slowly caressing the flesh as it pulsates and tingles under your
gentle touch. Slowly as you read about Jane who is having an affair
with her husbands brother, your hand wanders and slowly brushes itself
over your light cotton panties, which have become slightly damp from
the sensual arousal that is burning in your groin. You slip your
panties to one side and slowly rub up and down the crease of your now
throbbing *****, you dip your finger in knuckle deep as you idly
wonder was she being fingered by the cashier…..

The throbbing is intense, you need to finish yourself off, you around,
the café is so dark thank god nobody has seen you, as you look up I
get up to go to the toilet. A **** is what you need to fill your
aching *****, you decide to follow me and see will I be willing to
fulfil your need for a crashing ******.

As we simultaneously reach the door that leads to the toilets, I stand
back to let you enter first, you reach up and run your wet sticky
fingers over my lips and under my nose leaving your scent on me as you
stroll sexily down the corridor. I pause for a second as I try to
gather my thoughts, I chase after you as you turn to flash a knowing
smile. I push you roughly against the wall and cover your mouth with
mine as I kiss your willing lips. You wrap your legs around me and
whisper for me to **** you…I push us into the open store kicking the
door closed behind us as my hungry hands caress the soft yielding
flesh of your buttocks. Pulling your dress off I cover your erect
nipples with my mouth sucking nibbling biting as I'm driven wild with
passion. You expertly remove my shirt and pants as I throw you onto
some bags of produce, running my tongue over your writhing body as the
palm of my hand rubs against your now naked ****, slick wetness,
coating it with every grind it beats into your throbbing *****, '****
me' you whisper, I take my now erect 8' **** and slowly rub it between
the folds of your wet *****, letting your juice lubricate its thick
head, suddenly I ram my **** all the way in as you writhe in
pleasurable agony under my masculine body you feel your tight *****
contracting on the thick shaft as it slowly gathers pace and matches
rhythm with my shaft…

All the time I'm sucking on your now orgasmic nipples and breasts as
my hands reach round and separate your buttocks driving my **** even
deeper into your *****, letting you feel my shaved balls slap against
your ***. As the ****** builds deep within you, you dig your nails
into my back and rasp 'harder'. I kneel up and take my **** in my
hand, I then rub its head over your ****, spanking it on it a few time
as I watch you pulsate with the impending ******. I ram the full
length into your tight little ***** feeling it being crushed by the
flowing contractions as you start to ***. you feel the balls slap off
your *** as you scream out. I slowly bring you down as I maintain the
rhythm, slowly ******* you as I feel your ***** milk my ****. Suddenly
I feel it build as I speed up again bringing you to another climax as
I explode deep in your tight little ******……

When you wake up you find yourself alone covered by your dress on the
bags of produce…..a phone number lies written on a scrap of
paper…….will you call him….?????
hucowtrainer hucowtrainer
31-35, M
Jul 27, 2012