One Of Those Kind Of Parties...

The summer I turned seventeen, I started hanging out with my best friend Kaitlynne a lot because her family went to my dad’s church and we had them over for dinner just about every Sunday. She was pretty much the only person I actually liked in the youth group, and I was astonished that my dad actually let me sleep over her house and spend so much time with her.
One night we got invited to one of her friend Ruby’s house for a party. We got ready for the night at Kait’s and I was kind of nervous for the night because I let her do my makeup and hair and pick out my clothes. We told her parents we were sleeping over Ruby’s house and they pretty much just told us to be safe and have fun. I was surprised at how laid back her parents were, but Kait and I were really responsible and were were just going a couple blocks away.
When we got to the party, I was surprised to find that there were only girls there, like more than ten and all dressed as skimpy as me. I knew most of them from school, and a lot of them commented on my makeup or how I was dressed because usually Im dressed really modest with no makeup. We sat in the living room and talked for a little bit about just stuff, and not even five minutes went by before Ruby and Kait came into the living room with 2 bottles of tequila and a shot glass. All the girls giggled and made a circle of the floor. “Ladies,” Kait said as she poured the first shot, “we have fresh meat here with us.” She handed me the shot and I took the first one as they cheered and passed around the shot glass until everyone had two, and they made me take three. My head started swimming and I was nervous cuz Im a lightweight and I was confused by the whole “fresh meat” thing.
The group got louder and loosened up, and we started mingling as best we could and talking. I realized why Kait brought me. I knew she was a lesbian, and we’d had sex a lot before but she was the only girl I’d been with. I tried to stick close to her but I lost her and before I knew it I was pinned up against the wall by a sexy blonde.
I made out with about 4 girls before we migrated to the hot tub, which was apparently my idea though I don’t remember. I do remember stripping naked because I didn’t want to get my clothes wet. Soon everyone else followed and it got really hot, we were all kissing and feeling each other’s breast and fingering each other.
There was a redhead that pulled me out to go into a room, and I heard whispering and all of the sudden I was attacked by a bunch of hot naked girls and they all took me to a bedroom. Kait told me it was my initiation. She threw me on the bed and straddled me, and someone else grabbed my arms and started kissing me. Then I felt a bunch of hands of my stomach and my breasts, and another girl was scratching the my inner thighs. Kait got off of me and they were pinching my nipples and kissing my belly. I could tell I was getting wet, and I couldn’t take all of the teasing. I struggled to get away but whoever was holding my arms held them tighter into place and bit my neck. I moaned and my whole body went numb. I felt a tongue going up and down my thigh and two girls kissing and sucking my nipples, and kait was kissing me and teasing around my *****. From the corner of my eye I saw a couple girls eating each other out and ******* with toys. I was so turned on I was begging them to **** me. A little bit later I felt fingers slide down as start rubbing my wet *****. Her hand moved faster and faster until I almost came. Then she stopped and slowly slid two fingers in and out of me. At the same time, Kait started to lick my **** and got faster and the fingering got faster, and when I came I almost screamed and I squirted. I my legs twitched and my muscles convulsed and they made me ****** over and over again. After that the blonde I was making out with earlier grabbed me and started ******* me with a strap on from behind, pulling my hair and slapping my *** as I came like 4 times.
For the remainder of the night I was being passed along the group, getting my ***** eaten out and getting ****** and having several *******, and I don’t even remember half of it. I woke up in between a bunch of girls and I was exhausted the next day. I walked funny for a few days and I think someone ****** me in the *** cuz it hurt to sit down. I couldn’t remember how many times I came but it was such a fun night. I went to about 5 more parties like that, and it’s so fun torturing the newbies and making them ***, some for the first time by girls. We never mentioned it to each other and we never got busted. I hope we can all have a reunion sometime. ;)
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That turned me on. Wish i could go to a party like that