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I Am a Curious Bi-sexual Woman

I am a curious bi-sexual woman, I have discovered this years ago, after getting over that there was nothing wrong with me?! I love beautiful women, and would love to find one, but it is so hard, how do you do it? never imagined it would be so hard?!!!!

SassyBabe39 SassyBabe39 41-45, F 48 Responses Mar 15, 2009

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I have just as recent as these past few months discovered this about myself. I'm happily married and what not but just the thought of a yummy thoughts.
I to am frustrated. Being discreet and finding the right one for your (ME) first time gets very discouraging.

This,(EP), is as good a place as any. In my humble opinion. If you'd like a new friend, add me. I'm 19 and full blooded lesbian. I kinda feel where ur comming from with that perspective. Perhaps we could team up on this concern and become friends as well. That's a good day baby...hope 2 ttyl xxxoooommmmm

well sounds great...but as you read not a lesbian..Bi-Sexual...just wanted to clear that up right away, I love the both sides, oh lord!!
but a few woman have mistaken me for "lesbian" but I not....Bi-Sexual :)

and most women I do meet on here are great, no matter what side your on.....but they live so far it is a little frusterating for me, want to meet someone right from my area.....most are half ways around the world?!!!!

You can add me if you wanna chat or smth

woman are so hot and sexy

yes we are :)

women are so sensual and erotic :)

hi; heney trust me there is many many of lesbians and bi women in the whole world i am a lesbian my self,and i hope to finde a lovly woman to be with,i am arabic by the way i live in morocco and all lesbians and bi woman in arab world are feminine that's how we are sexy fem (i love fem woman how act and do as real lady) i don't like butches,they're not real woman (woman should be woman) you know!

well that is the hard part I am not lesbian, I am both sides of the fence, met lotso of great ladies who are lesbians, but hard to meet bi chicks?! i had a few ladies inbox me here, and they state they are lesbians, great...but i tell them I am bi and they get all mad? huh?

Yes I wholeheartedly agree with that legitimate observation. Btw I. Have met and/or chatted with many bi curious, and seriously comitted lesbians of all persuasions, occupations and affiliations. I like this kinda party!!

Bi G G's are the best G G's. Wonderful article, thank you for sharing. Try GLBT bars in your area. Best of luck in your search.

thank you...sadly in our city, most of those places have been shut down - due to our lame city Mayor, it is hard search!!

Women hard to find? Are you kidding me right now... I have never ever had any problems finding a girl even strait women seem to come to me for whatever reason its all in presentation you have to present yourself open to things you want them to be open to otherwise you both sit and wonder if the other is into it or not so you end up playing cat and mouse just got to throw it out there a crumb at a time

well we live here in the North, and yes they are harder to find here, some women say they are bi-sexual, and really they are not, so yes it is a little hard finding them here in Northern Canada.....good for you though

well in my city it is, they are pretty tight lipped here - I live in Northern canada - and no it is not easy to find one - they say they are Bi and into me and my husband, but in the end they are not at all!! lucky you!!

The scent of her skin, the glow of it in the soft light, the way her hair falls down across her shoulders, grazes her breasts, as she lays out on the bed before you, to see her every curve, the way her body flows, as she moves, to see how each part moves with her, she moistens her lips with her tongue, inviting you to come and taste them........<br /> women!!

i love having a **** in me i dont think that will ever change but i really would love to have sex with another woman but like you i have never had the opportunity arise. could never speak to my friends about this. Dont think i will ever get the chance

People need to read my post here a little closer....I am not a lesbian...but "Bi-sexual" meaning like both sides!!!

i want a woman to make me feel special and make me ***

so do I :)


Sorry - still sounds like you are all looking to have your cake and eat it too... You sound like men looking to get out of a relationship. The world is your oyster - but at whos expense.

what do you mean at whose expense? sorry confused as to what that has to do with me being Bi sexual and looking for a woman to be part of my life? you make it sound awful, when it is really not? confused by your comment?! I know many women who look for another woman to join thier lives, and what expense?! where does that come from? if both agreee, then it is all good?!

thank yiu...will check that out :)<br />
there is just something about women i cannot reisist, call me a freak, LOL...and being with one, and yes to a question asked a while back...yes i have had curiosities about being with a couple, instead of me bringing in the girl into my relationship, i would love to be te girl brought into someone else' full fill their fantasy, and boy would i ever!! but my husband is very closed minded, we have done the girl thing, but it is boring, he bearly touches me, and focuses on her, and well she bearly touches me, so i have lost interst in doing that with him....his comment is, well i do ya after...sorry that is not the point of doing three it is kind of boring with him....miss good, hot and steamy three ways!!! where everyone is wroapped up in everyone, not just one person pushed put waiting for her turn!!

Agreed, should be all together at the same time. No fun if someone is left out - Better partners needed. would like to try it myself someday still - never had the op yet . So which is sadder .... sd

well being left out sucks, that rejection...that is why i will not do that with my husband any more - he has ruined it, with his selfishness....but it is an experience and a half, wow, totally amazing!!

TO BONVIVANT......<br />
nope... I am soo not not need to do that route, I am a bi female, love both sides, know what I want, just our city is lame for what I want......

i hear you on that one, i have had a few awesome experiences my self with my husband, now what an experience that is i tell ya. but totally agree with oyu on the discreet part it is hard at times who to trust, few people found out a bit, but i just got to the point where i do not care, it is my life and that is that, LOl, but still keep it discreet as well, and yes hard.

Well I just turned 50. (female) I have two grown sons and a wonderful understanding husband. I work in a busy hospital as a nurse, I try to keep myself in good shape and I do have a rather large bust size which attracts attention from both men and women.<br />
I have been curious about sex with another woman for the past 10 years and finally had the opportunity to experience it. It was one of the most wonderful exciting things I've ever experienced; far more than what I expected. I told my husband about it and he's fine with my exploring because he knows I have no intentions of leaving him. It's difficult to live in this newly discovered "world" having to be so discreet with my desires. You don't know who to trust and my family (parents and sons) absolutely would not understand my fondness for women. I'm getting a taste of what so many other people have to suffer through with hidden feelings that they have to supress.<br />
I'm looking at everything differently now.

no we do not do the couple thing, just the girl, has to be single, i do not want another man touching me, too dedicated to my husband for that, and not our thing. We have experimented with the girl, and it is fun...but they are hard to find because we live so far up north in Canada here...

Have you ever thought of a couple before? I like women .......<br />
We have been together for three years and love each other lots ....... we are looking for someone to join us in the bedroom that enjoys other women and of course the man ...... what can I tell you about him , he is a great lover and makes sure that your happy before the event is over ........ and of course I too would make sure that you are happy ...... anyways if you are interested get back to us.

I have curiosity with couples, not my husband though, he does not lke the thought of another male in the room, but I have a secret curiosity about it, would like to experience it, sounds like it could be interesting

my husband would never do the couple thing, it makes him angry, but i have suriosities about being with another couple, but I do not tell him that though, he doe snot like the fact another man in the room when he is having sex, male ego thing, he feels inferior to other males, and a is weird out about that

BONVIVANT.......<br />
um...yes i have been with several women....and have experienced a woman....this was an old post, forgot to update it a while ago....but oh yes, i have been with women before. <br />
<br />
I am a married bi just being with a lesbian does not work in this situation, me and my husband are in this trying to find a true Bi woman is hard, and have nbeen on plenty of fish and all the sites, they are a waste of time, i had been with the plenty of fish for a long time, and there is no canadian women on there, they live too far away, and then if i do find any bi girls, they are not what i am looking for, and they kept sending me couples, and i specifically said single bi females, so it is a non sense site, they do not listen to what you ask the search continues

Do not limit yourself to listing your identity as "bisexual"--you may identify yourself to yourself as such, but it sounds like you have not had sex with a woman and experienced the attendant physical and emotional sensations . Have sex with an attractive lesbian and find out who you are first- then decide--and I am sure if you take a trip to Montreal or Toronto or some major city in the U.S.A.--( I highly recommend San Francisco for this trip-) and experiment and stop losing your mind!!! There are many bisexual women out there that won't come out for the usual reasons-- just get out there and be available or "lesbian" for a while....

uh....guess you have read my other stories, I have said I HAVE been with women! a few of them, and yes....I AM bi sexual, i love the female side, and for sure love the male side, so yes the title BI SEXUAL is fitting, being that is what it is,

If I had sex with another woman I wouldn't be able to look at my boyfriend I'd be so guilty and if he had sex with another woman even if I was present I'd be so jealous.

It is hard, you have to be so strong and super secure in your relationship to even enter this area, any weakness and it will destroy your relationship, and yes very open minded to see your husband / bf with another woman, takes astrong person, in the beginning my husband and I were this strong, and well he ruined it, so we no longer get into this, he took a few bad turns with that,

hey, will have to check out the shi bi site for sure, checked so many others out why not...LOL! thanks :)

Setup your site on or on<br />
<br />
There is the site

well it is hard to talk to ladies about being bi, especially when you find you are attracted to them. I find a lot of women get nervous or scared when they find out I am bi...or they think they are Bi, love the idea and thought, but when it comes to it, they re not?!

My suggestion (being a man) is to talk to people. My idea would be to get to know people (females in your case). Get to know their heart and soul. You will find TRUE BEAUTY that way.

well signed back up to plenty of fish and also as well...will see how well that works out?!

hey there societyschild.......<br />
<br />
I was on plenty of fish for a while, and deleted my accout with them, they kept sending me everything I did not want, e-mailed them a few times, changed my search options about a billion times, and finally got fed up and nuked it off!! I am trying out this "Mate1" right now, so far nothing?! <br />
<br />
I do have that on myspce as well, but again, nothing is happening yet?!

LOL "doctorirwin" was one of the people who posted here.<br />
<br />
I found my GF on "PlentyOfFish", a dating website. I just looked though, and don't see Canada listed. I've also had people say thay use MySpace to find people. Just put "Bisexual" in your profile, and interested women can search that way.<br />
<br />
I know how incredibly frustrating it is trying to find that "special someone". It's way easier to find a man than it is to find a Bi woman, or even a lesbian, unless you hang out at the gay bars, and I'm not into that. I hope you can find yours soon. Can't wait to be friends with you on myspace! Do I look for this same name, or are you using another?

No..have not hd anyone steal my breath away yet... :(<br />
still did you find your special lady? what is "doctorirwin?" well we have gone through so many web is so frusterating!!!!! did not think it was going to be this hard?!!!!!<br />
well congrats to you girl on your find, wish you all the happiness...and all the erotic fun!!!!! ha-ha<br />
Yeah for sure I will find ya on my space..I am there to :) so expect a invite, that will be me :)

Sassybabe, I haven't had any more dreams like that since I met "her". She has taken care of that frustration! lol Have you ever had anyone literally take your breath away with her kisses? She did that to me the other night. I seriously felt like I couldn't breathe! DAMN, but she can kiss! lol Hey, if you want to, contact me at my MySpace page I would love to talk with you (and anyone else here who is BI fem) there!