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Always Kind Of Knew.

I started noticing girls in a sexual way when I was about 12. When I would watch movies, I would sometimes wish I were the guy, swooning the gorgeous women & protecting her. Does that sounds weird? After that I started notcing attractive girls in movies & TV shows.. their bodies things like that, I watched my first lesbian movie when I was 12 as well.. when they kissed I felt horny & wet. I was watching the movie with my best girl friend who I always thought was very pretty...

2 years after that, we got drunk and she kissed me. Then sometimes we would kiss when we would party, guys loved seeing it, but I loved it too. She was beautiful. After awhile when I found out I wasbi, I would kiss my other friends when we got drunk too.. and I'd give them hickies, I loved that.I dated a girl once, but it didn't last long and we rarely saw eachother. I have a boyfriend and sometimes I wish that I experienced more.

xxLeighxx xxLeighxx 22-25, F 15 Responses Jan 6, 2010

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Must be really difficault for you, Hugs to you babes!! xoxox

Sometimes it is, but Im happy nonetheless. :)

I wish i knew my sexuality =P

i know how you feel ... and i have never successfully dated a woman either. it just falls apart -- i haven't figured out if it's them, or it's me feeling kind of ... wrong?

Thank you so much, your comment brought tears to my eyes. I am really struggeling with my sexuallity right now and I just don't know what to do. I hope I can find balance as well, I wish relaionships were like junior high again, nothing was that serious.. There was no commitment like an adult relationship has.

I have dated a couple of bisexual girls, and now I strongly prefer it! Just being able to share fantasies together is a big turn-on. A ***** club is much more fun with a date. :P One girlfriend of mine used to have sex with other girls and then tell me about it later. I loved it ... I can't imagine a boyfriend possibly getting jealous about it!! I have never had a ********* and I wouldn't push somebody into it if she didn't want to, but I still think that bi girls are way more fun than straight.

Im glad you have enjoyed my stories.

Shame your guy is so jealous of women. most of us egotistical guy love women kissing. I know I find 2 beautiful people kissing very exciting and would advise everyone to make sure you know what you can live with and without or it will come back on you if you make the wrong decision. I have enjoyed your stories so please keep sharing with us

Ooh, yeah. I know what you mean,.. experiencing other things and other people wouldn't have been a bad thing.

My boyfriend knows I am bisexual. But, he doesn't find girls kissing girls a turn on. He gets very jealous of girls actually more then when he gets jealous of guys.

I hope you find what you are looking for - but you still have time for more experiences and with the right guy and/or girl - you can keep experiencing them...does your boyfriend know? maybe you should kiss a girl when drunk that he thinks is attractive... :-)

I wish you good luck on finding the right lady.<br />
<br />
bAre Hugs<br />

I do miss women, that's for sure! I'm sure I will figure it out though, I still have time. I agree, some men are very egotistical & rough. I don't like that at all.

sounds like you found the right guy but still miss a woman. maybe you can still have both. you dont want to go through life missing something you enjoy. i agree im bi and i love women more than men. i think most not all men are rough and egotisical and not caring enough.

Thank-you for reading my stories, I am glad you enjoy them! I agree, the kiss of another girl is something amazing & beautiful. It sends tingles down my spine when I kiss a girl, there is just something magical about it. I sometimes wondered if I was a lesbian. But, I think I am just bisexual. I like guys, but only a little bit.. it takes a lot for me to like a guy & to find him sexually attractive & arousing.

Hi girl, I like your stories. May I share something personal. I found out that I was bi only after I divorced. I had to share an apartment since I couldn't afford otherwise, and then we both became close, slowly and with a lot of hesitation from my side. I wish I would have discovered this side of me much earlier, since it is so wonderful. Her kisses are divine, there is nothing like kissing another girl!