I am a bisexual 17 year old teen and I would really appreciate someone to talk to. My family is full of homophobes, in fact I don't know anyone in my family who is not. This is my first time saying this publically on a site like this and I hope my friends on here are still my friends and I hope to make some friends on here who I can talk openly with about anything, my crushing on girls, and how confused I feel sometimes. Also, I have a boyfriend who is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me and I have not told him yet I am not even sure I should. He is 21 and he lives in Bosnia, it is a online relationship. I want him to know the real me but I am afraid to tell him. I could really use some advice:)! I hope to hear from some of you soon:)!
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He would probably be excited, thinking 2 women for him lol.At least let him watch and i am almost 100 percent sure he will be happy and understanding. At least not do it behind his back by not telling him. I do have to say i am prejudice a little when it comes to gay men vs women, accepting women, but by all means, I do not judge or ridicule. It's that person's prerogative and they shouldn't worry about what others think.

Can always talk to me! I'm similar to you =p

I know it's definitely hard to do this, but ignore your family. You need to be yourself and not let the close minded opinions of others dictate how you love your life. If being bisexual is a part of who you are, then embrace it! Be yourself. You will be much happier!

Thank you so much:)! I will try but it will be hard. Is it okay if I message you?

Sure you can.