My Friends Tell Me I Am At Tim...

My friends tell me I am at times. I like things that are little out of the ordinary. Some of the things I like can get a little extreme (I don't really want to go in to detail about them lol), but I was actually told that I'm a freak about 2 days ago talking to a friend online lol.
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2 Responses Aug 11, 2007

Just what ever extreme stuff you do be careful If you mean could be dangerous to you and your health. If you mean just by appearance who cares what they call you that's just who you are. This can be kind of a triple standard like if they call you a freak by what you like to do physically (or sexually?) if your going to keep doing it take extra precautions so you don't really harm your self. If they mean mentally if thats the case everybody is a freak in some thought (I like reading and watching stuff about serial killers) to some people that would seem weird. If it's your appearance that haves them call you that oh well that's how you express yourself.

oh I didn't say there was anything wrong with it...nor do I think there is...I was just saying according to my friends I am one lol