In High School I Hung Out With...

In high school I hung out with "the freaks" only because I didn't fit in any other group. I identified with them because they were different (or liked to think they were) and so have always considered myself grandfathered in to this "elite" group.  As Oscar Wilde says "the greatest compliment you can give someone is to tell them they are different"
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How true! Glad to see you haven't suffered from it. I was really strange when I went to school. I played the lute--go figure--as my main instrument. I learned German from my grandparents andjaZz from my dad. My first more or less serious boy friend(I was 15) was a ballet dancer from Germany. I played piano part time at his mother's dance studio. You know for music to dance to.

So you're not weird my dear---just "didderent" Enjoy ! Love your weird sis Noelle