I Can Be An On And Off Hermit

Well, sometimes in my past i considered myself a hermit. In other words, i was isolated, misunderstood, underappreciated, left-out - all the usual ingredients. But, but....i thought myself as a victim. And that's the bad part. You see, a hermit is someone who wants to be alone with God. But then you have to believe in God. And not any God either. A good God, someone worth spending the time with. At times, life seems to hurl a curve ball at us. It's all part of the Plan. You need to disengage and ponder, to say the least. You have to find resources within yourself. And so, you go with the flow. And hermit-style is : you go with God, the Great-Master Planner.

He's incredible company ! Oh, sometimes He can be wrath - but that doesn't last forever. And when He's sunny-side up, He's the best you'll ever have. He's your Oasis. There you can rest-up and load-up. Remember : no matter what your worldview might be, ALONE you came into the world, ALONE you'll leave it. No fiends or relatives to take the trip with you ( unless you're a suicide-bomber ) So gear up for that final crossing of the Styx by living it as many times as necessary during your earthly voyage. And don't take that alone thing too seriously : if you believe in God, you know that in that final crossing, just as when you're a hermit, He's with you ( or His angels are doing your pedicure, which is almost as good. ) Being an off and on hermit is good : it shows you have recourses. That your flag can fluster alone. There's no better Friend than God ; and you should also be your very best friend. Being an off and on hermit does it for you. So : curl-up, and enjoy !

Elieli Elieli
56-60, M
1 Response Feb 24, 2010

Encouraging and what I needed to hear.