Wow, Just Wow!

Now you know why I'm addicted to Criminal Minds, what a man *drools*
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So that's why my wife watches criminal minds so often :p yeah, she's hooked on him too lol

Men drool, women rule (true)

Doesnt it just!

Men drool, women rule

Fine thanks, nice to hear from you again. How are you? Is your weather ok? ours varies between hot and cold & cloudy

Hope it worked well!

Nice to have some hot. Its sleet and snow here (not settling though) Im sitting by the (real) fire. Not peat though. I would need a decent Irish pint to accompany that experience!

Ok ta, its sleeting over here. I've got to go and get twet washing off the line. Its having its 3rd rinse ha ha

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I wonder if he is bisexual

Wow yes it WOULD

I would have a bog time fun with all of that....especially if you was there

Always good with more than two

Rocl our world with that meat

I have to lick up all of his yum yum

As you lick up mine

You don't mans c...

Wouldn't it just!

Wouldn't it just!

Maybe you should ask!

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Ok I know you love mussels.:)

All the hard muscles. ...RIGHT

He could eat crackers in my bed

How do you cook yours? butter and garlic with cream?

Might be....or might be it is overestimated:)

You get good fresh mussels around Dublin, really taste of the sea

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The man has a great ****

Is that a potato down his shorts?

Men drool, women rule. OK ?

what exactly is a nutter?

Ahh. Ok got it.

Next to the dictionary entry it says see IrishBlush

Only a little?

Sure if you like that six-pack kinda thing.......but why settle..... when I can offer a whole cartoon, and a keg on a good day

Hmm?.......are you laughing at my joke or my voluptuous physique?

Okay....good....just needed to confirm that ;)


bet hes got a tiny **** and gay! { Green Eyed monster me! LoL! } Pat x

drools too..yummy..!!!

i'll bet you a quid to a bag of doughnuts that fella has absolutely NO INTEREST in women.
just sayin'.


yep....I refer to him as "hot chocolate" ;D So yummy!

Is it the mind or the man your drooling over?<br />
Cause I'm not sure many guys have minds. Criminal or otherwise. <br />
I could be wrong though. It has happened once. *shrugs*

Nice. Boys like that are fun toys and he certainly looks like a Barbie doll so yay for mindless *****. Lol

*giggles and grins*thoughts are in sin*

*covers face* meee tooo! lol

Ok. I'm done. *regaining composure*
Oh no! They're onto me!
*runs away laughing*^_^

Oooo. They're looking? Ok. *sits on your lap*
*twirling your hair* are they still watchin?
*continues sexual onslaught*

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I wish I could get a 30" waist so I could wear smaller suits and look HUGE! BIGGG-O-HOOOOT!

He's in "Hollywood shape" for sure, but then so was Gerald Butler,the guy that played the King in 300 Spartans! Actually not in as good of shape as Butler seeing that Butler has some years on him. Wait till your Pool Guy here is 55yo and he'll look like the rest of us old males that take care of ourselves- so get him while he's,...., got a personal trainer! His acting career depends on looking like that photo! HOOOOT!<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Paste this in your search engine and be amazed how discipline will reap the rewards-oh and having world class trainers and $$$$ acting contracts helps too!<br />
<br />
<br />
Be good- an "ole' Dog" -S in SC

no no-just think if he stays n good shape-he'll still look great in his 50's and 60's! so hey just depends when you catch up with him for a drink! Your drooling today might be a whole different kind of drooling in ,..., oh say 30-40 years. So bring a cup! HOOOT! enjoy!!!!

hey old Soldiers never die, we just keep trying to! HOOOT!

He looks like he has a similar problem to me....

Ha ha :) Its a pain when you can't get it to 'go down'....thats all I'm saying x

You women are just as bad as men are.

Good for you guy's. Lol

Love a Female that knows her wants! GREAT for you!

*Sits down next you, hands you a tissue for the drool...grabs one for herself* Yep. He's what I watch it for too! ;)

He doesn't do a thing for me


Ladies... he's like a bowl-full of sugar cubes... have too much and you're sure to get sick.<br />
<br />
Likely, he wouldn't know where your **** is... so, you'd end up doing all the work.<br />
<br />
<br />
I love my role as a buzzkill

too much blood needed for those muscles. not to mention what steriods do... you'd need to hump his thigh to get off...

Really? You'd lick something not knowing where it's been?

I've learned something here. Apparently, women want me to focus more time on myself and less time on them? OK. this can be arranged....

"I pick things up and put them down"

O.O so glad we share the same taste.

I think quite a few of us would like a taste! ;)