Never Used to Be!

All my childhood i hated having my photo taken with a passion n when i did i was scowling or pulling faces etc!

But now i am such a poser!

When i went to my works do the secretary was taking photos to display in the staff room n i was on most of them! i didn't get on about 5!!!
I was just around every time the camera was near me!!! n i thought i would show my face on the pic!!!

My friends n family get so sick of me when i do this but i cant help myself!
I missed out on all my childhood photos which everyone else has while growing up so I'm putting my face into everyones memory now!!! =-)

Actually I'm in my local paper dressed as a fairy with a couple of kids n staff who dressed up for world book day!! i was actually the first person to volunteer to go on it!!! =-)
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Mar 25, 2007