Just Another Reason to Cry.

Well, now it's come to this again. My one and only sister-in-law, my last living connection to my husband(aside from my kids), is in the hospital. She has been there many times, as she is morbidly obese, smokes, drinks and suffers from chronic pnuemonia. This time her heart stopped. The hospital got her going again, but I saw her for the first time today. She is on a breathing tube and her medicine causes her to forget everything I tell her. By tonight she will have forgotten I was even there. I'm afraid. Maybe this time is the last. The nurses have that "I don't know if she's gonna pull through" look on their faces. Many of them have been her nurse before.

They told me she might have a blood clot somewhere in her lungs. The same thing that took my John.....

I'm going to the funeral home Monday to talk to them and make sure they will be ready to pick her up....worse case scenario. It's the same one that took care of John and his mom. He's a friend of mine. He'll know what I need to do....

I'm not ready for this again....it's too soon.  

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thank you hislittleone, she is doing better now, not home, but better. Yes, I believe the same.

I wish there was something perfect to say... somehow words do not do certain life experiences justice...You seem like a very strong and incredible woman. Life does not give us experiences we cannot handle. I wish your sister-in-law the best of luck.

Yes, but I'm afraid next time she won't be able to come back. She is worse each time she goes. This time her heart stopped and they revived her. Next time, they may not be able to.

My prayers for her. She need to have self confidence at this stage , to pull out of it. Remember Miracle happens

Thank you jaco. Yes she is doing better now. She is still very weak, but is better.

I have just read this story T.L and trust that your sister-in-law is on the mend. Life gives us so many punches, and we stand up and take more, you are indeed a very special person. (((hugs) Thinking about you .......

Thank you. I am at a loss for any other words.....

I am sorry you are so sad, Ms. Redlady. To go through almost the same tragic, hurtful feeling twice is very difficult I am sure. So many feeling come back with your husband's passing. Try to remember that life becomes so much more precious because we experience someone going on. And I mean no disrespect, but I believe they are just moving on to some other experience. If it wasn't for my belief in this I would of surely broke into tiny pieces when my dad passed on. My father ironically taught be these beliefs. I am thinking of you and sending you light. Only the strong souls can handle so much death and suffering. You are rare.

Me too, LV. <br />
I wish I could have done more for her, but you're right, pedro, so I hope for the best. Thank you.

I am so sorry to hear that, I hope she gets well soon. Lots of love

Thank you. :)

hugs, please be strong if you ever need to talk im here

Thank you so much everybody. I really appreciate everything....

I am very sorry. I hope things will get better. (((hugs))) <br />
<br />
Wish there was more that could be said to make it all ok but sometimes in life there is nothing anyone can do or say. There are people here on EP that do care about you though!


I'm here as well, feel free to send me a message!

Me too...... *tear*

I'm sorry, I hope she pulls through!