I Just Cried

 I went outside last night to sit and talk to my star. Yes, I have a star picked out that I talk to when I feel sad. I have no one else to tell my deepest secrets to anymore so I tell the star. It wasn't out there last night, though. i was feeling so all alone and needed to talk and it was gone. I guess the overcast sky did it's trick. I was so sad and now so lonely i just went to bed and cried. 

theredlady theredlady
41-45, F
4 Responses Sep 10, 2009

LOL,Thank you , Lucky.....I needed the laugh and I appreciate all of my friends here. Yes, even if it is hiding in the clouds, I will imagine it where it is.

*hug* we all want you here lady. I mean that in a non sexual way hon. Your star will return to you. Brighter than ever.

I'm okay still a little down, Phil, but okay.<br />
I know Self, but it's comforting to see it there and I really needed to see it...I just feel .....a bit unwanted.

Are you feeling better now? I hope there will be a better sky tonight.