But Honestly....aren't We All?

I mean, I'm not superficial to the point that I won't be your friend or lover unless you can give me everything I want. That's not how I am. (Just ask Shane. Goodness he had it easy)LOL.

I like going out occasionally, I enjoy getting gifts & cards on special occasions. Does that make me superficial? Then ok, I guess I am & I doubt very much that it'll stop. I believe that I DESERVE to receive little tokens of love & affection, especially from someone I'm dating, & I'm refusing to apologize for that.

NOBODY that I have dated has EVER spoiled me & I really want to know what that's like before I die..... So There!

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1 Response Mar 9, 2009

Everyone on earth is superficial, except maybe priest or a real Buddha. Being human has its need and want, and you are no exception. The problem lie in what it is we truly want, and what we get is different. I am spoiled just by having a friend with me for dinners, even if I have to buy. The spoil part is when they buy, or when I in turn get invited to big-time event that I would not have thought of attending. Little spoils you give to people will always lead to surprises.<br />
Try taking someone with you to where they want to go, who is spoiled, the person you are treating, or you for giving.